PyABM configuration using 'pyabmrc' files

Alex Zvoleff bio photo By Alex Zvoleff

PyABM configuration is done using a pyabmrc text file. When loaded in Python, using:

import pyabm

PyABM will search for a pyabmrc file. PyABM will search three locations, in order:

  • the current working directory
  • the current user’s home directory
  • the pyabm module directory

PyABM will use the first pyabmrc file it finds, ignoring any others. Example pyabmrc files are provided with PyABM versions < 0.3.1, in and pyabmrc.linux, in the main module folder (under pyabm\pyabm in the development version). To set custom values for any of the pyabmrc parameters, rename the proper file from to ‘pyabmrc’ and move it to one of the three above locations. See the pyabmrc.default file for details on each parameter and on possible parameter values. Changes can also be made in the rcparams.defaults file in the PyABM module directory, but this is not recommended as these values will be overwritten when PyABM is upgraded.